Mannequin du mois de mars

Model of the month of march

Marika Alexis Welsh

19 years old

From Barbados

Lives in Montreal


Hi Marika! How are you?

Good and you?

Good thank you. So, tell us about your hobbies Marika.

I’m a dancer and I’m a model. But I like to take pictures and all. Especially with my friends. We go to downtown and we just try to take cool pictures. That’s what I to do of my free time.

That’s cool! When did you start modelling?

I started modelling when I was probably around six.

Six years old?

Yeah! My mom uses to model when she was younger. So, for Christmas events I would model for the family. Then, when I got to high school, I did modelling and I was in drama at school. There was a lot of dance, a lot of modelling pretty much along the art. Professionally, I would say that I started in 2015. Because when I came here, that’s when I really got professional photoshoots. I would get photoshoots in Barbados, but not with professional cameras and stuff like that or for designers or anything specific. It was just for fun. So, yeah! Professionally, I started 3 years ago.

Were you a freelance model when you were in Barbados?

Yes, freelance! There were not a lot of agencies when I was there. But, I think that many of them come out because of pageants between the high schools. People saw the potential of the girls so they created agencies.


Ok, cool! Can you talk about your experience as a professional model? Tell us about the experience you have gained so far.

I can say that I love it, I love the rush of it. Having to prepare for a fashion show or for a photoshoot. Because, before all of them, I’m always nervous, but it’s a good feeling to me. I don’t know why, but it’s good. I’m always a very artsy person, but when I use to dance, I was always very shy. But, I learned to open myself to people and not be so shy and weird. You can’t be that way as a freelancer. You must brace yourself, you must know how to talk with people and that helped me a lot. You want to progress, so you have pick up the way of getting yourself ready and stuff. In Barbados, working with photographers is different if I compare my experience here in Canada. In Barbados, it’s more like do whatever you want. Here, they tell you what they want, which is going to help you, because you know what you should do after that.

What do you like when it comes to clothing?

Streetwear! I’m more like the hoodie type. When I take pictures and when it comes to clothing, I gravitate more to streetwear.

Did you do a lot of photoshoots that require to wear something other than streetwear?

Yes! It was good, but it’s something I must practice more. For instance, like the preppy ones, I can do them, but the shoots I would do would be more spontaneous. When it’s classy, there is a certain body language that comes with it.


All right! What is the best city that represents fashion?

New York!


Streetwear! (laughs) The sneakers… The stuff we have in Barbados, many of them come from New York and maybe Toronto. Here in Montreal fashion is not up to par yet… well it depends of who. Here, you don’t really care about what you have on, you’re at work or at school. In Barbados though, it’s like, nah… you must look clean you must have the nice shoes you must look good. So, we love New York!

What is the best city that represents art?

That’s like a no brainer. New York again!

It depends. A model said Paris and another one said Tokyo.

I guess it depends of your preferences in art. My preferences are graffiti and abstract art.

What’s your favorite movie?

My favorite movie would be Beyond the lights. (By Gina Prince-Bythewood)

What is your favorite garment when it comes to clothing?

My tops probably. I don’t care much for my pants. I’d say the hoodies for the tops here for sure.


Did you buy something you hate now?

No. I always try on something before I buy it anyways. So, I’m not going to buy something I don’t like.

Favorite color?

Black. (Laughs)

Black ok! Generic color!


Ok, cool! Who’s your favorite designer?

I really like Puma. I can’t remember the name of the owner but I really like it.


I only wear puma shoes and I also like Champion. That is a big thing to me. So, I feel like puma, in its case, is more of my generation. Plus, I like to mismatch clothing easily.

Ok! So, you’re not the girly type when comes to the styles. You’re not going to wear high heels or dresses if it’s not required.

No. If I got to a club or something, I’ll probably wear a jump suit and I have a very few dresses.

Who’s your favorite celebrity when it comes to Fashion.

Teyana Taylor, because of her big pants, hoodies… Teyana Taylor.


What do you think of La Perle Noire (Black Pearl) since you worked with us?

I believe that it’s a very sensible brand. Because, it’s not like you’re just putting up clothes and you just slap a logo on it. It’s sensible, it’s smart and it has meaning. it’s like, you wear it, you’re representing your country. You wear it, it’s educational. It’s like, someone asks ‘’what’s on your shirt?’’ You could say ‘’this is this or this is that’’. It’s something you can wear daily, especially in Canada because, it’s always cold. The cropped tops, you put them underneath my jacket and I’m good to go. I take it off. Bam! The logo is right there, anybody can see it. It’s not too much and there is not too much going on the shirt so it does not take your attention away from the logo. I feel like the logo is the most important part of it because it has a meaning behind it. Working with you has been a very good experience! Thank you!

That’s nice to know that and I’m glad that you loved the experience! Thanks to you Marika!

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