La collection Pop Culture

The Pop Culture collection

The Pop Culture collection

Through the Pop Culture collection, La Perle Noire is shining a light on an emancipation movement that is well-known in the art world. This collection, inspired by american pop art from the 50’s and 60’s, features elements of current pop culture in fashion with its vibrant and colorful designs.

What is Pop Art?

Pop Art is an artistic movement that emerged during the 50’s in Great Britain, and that spread into the United States later in the same decade. This movement heavily features elements of popular culture, thus the name Pop Art.

Consumer products, Hollywood icons, and comic book references are some of the elements most commonly depicted in works of art within this genre. Two names are generally associated with the Pop Art movement : Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Both artists have created numerous pieces illustrating mondaine objects, comic book references, popular consumer products, celebrities the likes of Marilyn Monroe, and references to advertisements from their time.

Visually, Pop Art pieces are distinguished by the fact that colors are flat, meaning that there is no shading. Colors are typically very vibrant, and lines are often overly defined – giving the pieces a strong comic book feel.

Pop Art generally opposes elitist artistic styles, by featuring common elements that just about anyone can relate with. In terms of emancipation, Pop Art is quite detached from the rest of the art world and its well established order.

About Pop Culture

Our new styles depict women wearing various accessories such as bandanas, hair beads, and earrings. All of the accessories depicted will be available for purchase as well, allowing you to sport unique styles that are perfectly accessorized!

Our summer collection launch is the perfect opportunity to wish you all a wonderful summer!



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